Welcome to my blog

This finally needed to start

Lars Schöbitz
Photo by [Danielle MacInnes](https://unsplash.com/photos/IuLgi9PWETU)

Figure 1: Photo by Danielle MacInnes

Well, hello 👋

So, this is my blog. Last week, I stumbled over an MS Word file on an old hard drive. It’s from April 2013 and contains an opening post for my personal blog. I spare you pasting the text here, but it had me realize that this wish of writing online has been with me for quite a while. About 20 years ago, I actually learned some HTML and programmed a small website with photos of school events (and parties that we had way too early). Still, I will also spare you the details of that. Instead, let me say: Hello, I am excited to see you here.


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